Group Rate Perks!

  • Pre-purchase discounted registration vouchers for groups of 15 or more and save big!  See SIGN UP NOW link for current pricing and deadlines.
  • Access to ANY WAVE, including Sold Out ones via the GOLDEN TICKET option.
  • Mix & Match wave times for your group.
  • Lowest price point and no third party ticketing fee of $4.95 per registrant!

How it Works:

Read the info on this page, then click the SIGN UP NOW button and select your event location to get started.

Choose the number of participants in your group. Minimum 15. For groups with less than 15 participants, use the regular registration platform at

“Group Rates” is a bulk multi-registrant option purchased in a single transaction.

The Group Rate purchaser will be issued a GOLDEN TICKET Any Wave voucher code equal to the number of participants purchased.  

The code will then need to be distributed to each member of your group and redeemed on the regular registration page for your event at prior to online registration closing.